Monday, November 21, 2011

my first blog.......

 I've been working on a body of work that involves my obsession with collecting records for the last 20 years..... about a year and half ago I organized my records by color. I then took photos then started collaging the photos to make new color studies. I feel the images of records to be simple but beautiful, a pretty easy concept of just organizing a mundane everyday thing to make a new visually interesting image.
I've gotten tapestries and The Killing Floor Skateboards made skateboards decks these images. I'm in the process of making lamps and some Herman Miller fiberglass shell chairs are getting wrapped with decals.

Here are some more images that i took a couple years back with just my collection organized by color:


  1. Brian, this is a lot of fun! You are really creating I all kinds of ways. Looking forward to seeing your pieces at the first street gallery.